How to Make New Friends

People tell me all the time that they hate going out and talking to new people and that they wish they could be more outgoing. This directly affects their friendships (or lack thereof.) Well I am here to help you to be more social!

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Let’s Talk About Depression

Yup, that’s right. This weeks topic is a little more deep than usual. Why you ask would HowtobeSocial cover depression? Because it’s real and affects everyone, even me. In order to be truly social and be our best selves, we have to be able to learn our weakness and turn them into strengths.

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Eliminating Awkward Silences

The hardest part of making new friends or going on dates is the dreaded awkward silence. It seems inevitable but trusts me, my friends, there are ways to NEVER have an awkward silence again. Let me guide you through my tips for becoming an attractive social speaker. REMOVE YOUR FILTER I know your momma said […]

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