PPTT: Trump Ends TPS, Golden Globe News, VR Workout, Overwatch & Twitch, JFK Flooding


HowtobeSocial presents PPTT: Political Pop Tech and Talk.

  • This podcast is your weekly roundup of everything you need to know. I do all the research and all you need to do is listen. Ever been the person in the conversation that doesn’t know what’s going on? Yeah me too but you never have to feel like that again, and neither do I because PPTT gives you the highlights of what is going on in the world.

    This week on PPTT:

    • Political
      • Trump ends temporary protections status for immigrants.
      • Oprah runs for president?
    • Pop
      • James Franco and sexual misconduct allegations.
      • Golden Globes attendees dress in all black for Time’s Up movement, except for Actress Blanca Blanco

    • Tech
      •  Virtual Reality full body workout!
      • Overwatch & Twitch sign contract.
    • Talk
      • Kendall Jenner gets ridicule for Golden Globes attendance.
      • Dog gets lucky on Tinder.




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