The Gray Area: Making the tough decisions

Decisions are imminent. We have all made tough decisions before and unfortunately, they don’t get any easier from here.

Should I be a doctor or an artist? Should I make the move? How do we know what is going to be best for us?

Those life decisions will never get easier and the longer you wait the more difficult they get. Better start reading then huh?


A lot of the time we have a really big choice to make and we can’t determine which is better so we opt for the alternative that is less risky.

This is what we call a common default. This is what keeps you from being the best version of yourself.

Maybe being a bank teller pays more and has better benefits but then again you might be happier being a graphic designer and moving to a new state.

Unfortunately, we don’t get premonitions about the future (I have been watching a lot of Charmed lately.)

The one thing I can say for certain though is that if you choose out of fear then you are letting someone or something else control YOUR LIFE.


Just this morning you had decided what to eat for breakfast; protein bar or a donut? In the moment this decision is really really hard.

Yes, I would love the donut, it’s freaking delicious, but the protein bar is probably better for you. This is a hard decision.

But if we can make a decision in this smaller more insignificant momentS the big decisions won’t be as hard. So be disciplined in the small choices.

“A disciplined mind brings happiness.”  – Buddha


Look to the people you aspire to be like and ask yourself “what would they do?” Would they have taken the low-risk and high-paying job or would they put in the hustle to make the other option work?

Don’t make the mistake of asking your friends. Though they love you and only wish you the best they might not be the most reliable source when deciding your future.

If you have a mentor ask them what they would do! Do you admire your parents? Go to them. Never be scared to ask others for help especially when you need it most.


Our two options are not equal but one isn’t better than the other; so how do we choose?

This is the mind-blowing part.

Ask yourself, “who do I want to be?” If you want to be in the top field of banking, by all means, begin as a banker, but if your dream is to be a creative graphic designer in New York: go for it!

Challenge your self. You really can be who you want to be, without sounding corny, but follow your heart and goals. Are you choosing something half-heartedly? Or are you going into this decision with your full passion?

We have to choose for ourselves what we want from life.

This blog for me is a tough life decision. I am putting my time and care into crafting this little corner of the web for all of you – with no promise of return.

I could be scared that people will laugh at my work or that it will never have more readers than my mom. But who knows? This one risk could possibly lead to bigger and better things.

People might just love my blog. Or it might take years for it to get off the ground but I know that it makes me happy and I enjoy creating.

So here I am. Writing on my blog about making those hard life decisions. I am not stronger or more powerful than any of you. Let yourself be the author or your own life.


2 thoughts on “The Gray Area: Making the tough decisions

  1. Wow, This is SO good! Awesome job, this was something I really needed to read for my own life and my decisions. Thank you! I can’t wait for your next blog. You are amazing and so very talented!


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