Making a lasting first impression

Whether it is a job interview, first date or meeting the parents: first impressions matter. But the question is how do we control that first impression?

People make the mistake of letting a new setting control them, but if you prepare for that first meeting that you can exceed the expectations of everyone in the room. Here is how I do it.


There are a couple of dressing standards you should follow when you are meeting someone for the first time.

If you are going to a job interview you should dress not for the position that you want but for the career you’re aiming for. So if you want to be the CEO dress in your nicest suit or a pencil skirt.

This not only impresses them but will put you in the right mindset as well.

Going on a first date is a little different. On that first date, I usually try to stay comfortable but cute. I want to impress but not give unrealistic expectations.

I don’t wear a ton of makeup all the time, so I usually try not to cake it on for a first date. I want him to know what he is getting.

The line can be easily crossed though. My rule of thumb is to make sure either my makeup is done nicely or my hair and outfit are on point.

When going out into the general public I always look in the mirror and ask myself. “If I met me, would I be impressed?” If no then take your but back to the closet.


Practice doesn’t make perfect, perfection is an unattainable idea, but it sure does help you get rid of those nerves.

Even I do this because it makes the first part of meeting someone a little less scary. Now don’t be a robot with memorized phrases but ask a friend or your mom, that’s what I do if you can practice on them!

If you have a rough sketch of what your first going to say it makes starting that conversation a little easier.


Do not mumble. This is the ultimate halt to any conversation.

Speak CLEARLY and try to eliminate words such as like or um. If you have a problem doing this then just slow down. Just make sure you’re not a sloth when speaking though (no matter how cute they are.)


I personally struggle with this because like and um are some difficult words to eradicate from your vocabulary.

Also, let us just agree not to cuss. Even if your bosses do it, you want to be set apart from the rest. Remember we are aiming for a career not to just get by at our jobs.

Well, now that I got to sneak in a picture of a cute baby sloth I think I can wrap this blog post up. I have steered you in the correct direction, it is up to you to heed my advice and put it into action. Let me know if this article helped you conquer those first meet jitters!


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