Check out my friend: Allie

Check out my friend” articles are going to be a staple on my blog. I won’t post about someone who I don’t have a true story to tell about our friendship. These are the creme de la creme of best friends.

The idea of this series is to not only showcase the amazing people in my life but to dig a little deeper and have you understand what I am all about.

No without further a due check out my friend Allie.


Allie and I met this summer by coincidence. My service industry friends, I was a bartender before I was a blogger, had invited me out to go drinking. Allie was coming in that day from Georgia and was really good friends with a mutual friend of ours and so she decided to come along after her million hour car ride. *Let it be known she was in town for the summer doing a FOSSIL internship (how cool!)

COMF ALLIE (10 of 19)Well at the end of the night she was going to have our friend drive her a long way home in the opposite direction of his house. Instead, I offered the place I was staying and to take her home in the morning.

In the morning we both got up early – which is surprising because I am usually the first to arise. We started talking and naturally fell in sync so much so that we decided to continue our conversation over breakfast.

To say this girl was a gem in an understatement.

Hilarious, clever and intelligent are all words I would use to describe my dear friend. Honestly, those words don’t even do her justice.

And that ladies and gents are how Allie and I became the best of summer buds! Unfortunately, she had to go back to Georgia for school but there is no doubt in my mind we will be visiting each other very soon.

Did I mention we have the same birthday as well? Yeah. Weird.

Now that I have told you Allie and me’s origin story let me tell you why she is the best friend a girl could ask for.


COMF ALLIE (11 of 19)She is bold. You will never miss her because her whole smile lights up the room and if by some chance you don’t catch that smile her thunderous laugh comes booming in right behind. I love it.

Her style is cool and functional and all her own. She always had a watch with every outfit. Not to mention she got me a DKNY watch as a gift!

I always felt a little more confident when Allie was around, she pushed me to be my best self. She never put me down, not even once. She loved me for me and accepted who I was.

Allie came at such a pinnacle point in my life and I couldn’t imagine her having better timing. Thank you, Allie, for being a stellar friend and here is to many many many more years of friendship!




2 thoughts on “Check out my friend: Allie

  1. Beautiful! I think it’s amazing you are doing these articles about your best friends. I think it’s so important we show the world how amazing the best people in our lives are. I love this!


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