You are doing your best to think positive but you just aren’t getting where you want? Well changing your mindset isn’t the first step it is a by-product of the REAL first step.

Achieving a positive mindset is not something people are born with but it isn’t just developed overnight either. Becoming a more positive person doesn’t start with a positive mindset it starts with positive actions.

People have taken to this new wave of positive thinking. They think positive things will happen if the just focus on it hard enough – if they push the bad thoughts away. Which don’t get me wrong I am a full believer in positive thinking but this is where people start to put all their eggs in one basket.

In order to REALLY have long-term success in changing your mindset, bringing good energy into your life, and in turn becoming more successful you have to begin with action. Sounds simple right?

Then why is it so much of the time that we hear speakers say “it starts with your mind?” What baloney.

When have you ever thought of food and it landed in front of you? Or maybe losing weight? My challenge to you is to start with one small action.

  • You want to be more loved by your peers? Ask them a question about their lives.
  • You want more attention in your love life? Give them more attention. Buy them a flower.
  • You want to be a raging success on social media? Post every day.

I guarantee those small actions will generate positive energy and in turn a positive mindset. Here is how you do it.

Write down one thing you want in your life. Make it BIG. Now write down all the small things you think or maybe you have seen others do to achieve it.


  • I want to be a designer in New York.
    • Draw a design every day in a notebook.
    • Talk to people on Linkedin who are based in New York.
    • Attend fashion shows locally.
    • Look up trend forecasting on Youtube.
  • I want to travel the world.
    • Start looking at jobs on the internet that let you travel.
    • Talk to people about your passion.
    • Print out pictures of the places you want to go.
    • Hang them up.
  • I want to get married.
    • Talk to a boy/girl.
    • Keep talking to them.
    • Try again.
    • and again…
    • and ask them how their day is going.

Maybe you are in between a rock and a hard place and you just don’t want to feel sad anymore so you have decided to change your mindset. But, after a couple of days though you are feeling blue again.

This is what I am saying. Postive thinking will not render long-term happiness. Realize that the actions are what push positive thinking. Sometimes the lack of an action can even be a positive action.

It could be as simple as you choosing not to react to a terrible ex-boyfriend who is subtweeting you on twitter. Maybe your family is pushing your buttons and you decide not to engage – instead, you walk away or just keep your snide comments to yourself.

Nothing is unachievable but just thinking about things will never get you there. We call that wishful thinking and that is much different from positive thinking.

But just know this – I think you are all Jewels.