We have so many expectations on our lives.

Go to school – get good grades.

Go to college – get a good job.

Get a job – make good money. 

All phrases you have heard at one point or another and most of the time they aren’t even coming from you. A lot of the time they come from parents, friends, or colleagues who, while they mean well, don’t understand how damaging they are being. The pressure from those expectations can be so harmful but you can let them go – here is how.

Maybe you’re in the middle of one of those expectations I mentioned right now. I know I am. Doesn’t seem that you can escape them or the people who place them in your life. Most people would just remove the toxic person from their life, a bad girlfriend or boyfriend. Unfortunately, it’s not always that simple.
What about your mom and dad? You can’t just cut them out, can you? No. At least I know I can’t, I love my mommy.
Then what do we do? We can’t cut them off but we are so tired of the nagging and poking and prodding about what we are doing with our lives.
Maybe you were like me and had this fabulous plan mapped out that made you sound so cool and it seemed great until… well it wasn’t. Trust me I know how it feels to not know what you’re doing and to stumble in the dark, that is what life is after college, stumbling in the dark.
Well, it is okay to stumble and it is okay for others to care about your life. I would be more worried if they didn’t say anything at all – what kind of friends and family don’t worry? The part that we have to realize is that while those expectations are placed on us with good intent they have no real meaning in our lives.
We give ourselves meaning. We are the masters of our own fates.


Stop for a minute and ask yourself; what would I like to see myself do in the next year? A year is honestly a short amount of time but it can change your whole life. Give yourself an honest answer.

  • I want to build my client list to 20 people.
  • I want to meet more creatives.
  • I want more people to read my blog. (tehe tell your friends)

Be too honest with yourself, get uncomfortable.

  • I want to lose weight and try modeling for real.
  • I want to be an influencer.
  • I want to inspire people with the content I am uploading.
  • I want to touch minds in a way that is dramatically life-changing. (tell your friends)

If I can put my list out on the internet for you to read then surely you can write yours down and tuck it away. Don’t just be hopeful. Have FAITH.

Not hope, but faith. I don’t believe in hopeHope is a beggar. Hope walks through the fire and faith leaps over it.
-Jim Carrey


If you aren’t thinking about it all the time and you’re not wishing for it aloud then is it really your passion? Too many times I hear people say that they would pursue their dream if they had _________. Too many people let their dreams die this way.
I mean look at me! I am recording video blogs with my iPhone stacked on a pile of books on a stool in my bedroom. If I had waited to start then I would just be that far behind. The only real thing you are waiting for is YOU.
If you are dreaming about being a photographer and having a gallery then go pursue it. It only takes you loving it so much and speaking it aloud. The universe has a funny way of bringing things to you when you least expect it but only when you make it a possibility by having faith in it.


People can say and whatever they want but you know what? The only person who has any control over your life is you.
That means: you control your income – you control you love life – you control what you do.
The more you blame someone for this or life for that, the more it is going to happen. Just put your blinders on to what is going on around you and who is doing what. Love yourself.
I like to think of it as a force field.
Only you can open up your force field and let the bad in. It is your mindset that delegates the way life treats you. It is also your choice to let the good in. Critiques that come from a good place and good people should always be welcomed. Lower your force field to hear from those who have more experience or those who genuinely want the best for you. If you keep your force field on at all times then nothing will ever come to you; good or bad.

Just remember my jewels, you have every opportunity that the world can give you but you have to choose to open up and take it. Go out amongst the crowds and scream what you want – let them stare – at least you aren’t scared of hiding your passion from the world.