For some, this might come easy. I have plenty of friends who just seem to have it all together when it comes to style. Well, this is for the ones of us that feel like we can’t just quite figure it out.

I have never been one to stick to one style. I used to brag about how one day I would be in cowgirl boots and the next all black.
The funny thing is I always craved my individual style – a way to stand out. Something that just screamed JEWELS CLARK. I remember always trying to follow trends or seeing what people liked best.
We seem to always search for approval of ourselves in others. Why? When so much of our happiness can only be found by our own approval.
That is what I have learned most recently.
The style I am now developing seems so obvious. I have always loved the classics. Elegance and grace but a beautiful and big smile. That has always been something I admired.
Women like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Lana Del Rey are perfect examples of sexy, classy, and not afraid to speak their minds. All these women are who I admire and wish to be one day.
I didn’t realize it though until I stopped feeding into what others wanted me to be.
When I took the time to separate and find my own unique interests – that is when I started to flourish.
I couldn’t tell you how I found it but I can tell you the small things in my life that led up to it.
I always loved Frank Sinatra and any kind of old jazzy tones. 
I am constantly being called an old soul.
A good pencil skirt has never done me wrong.
These are all things that have followed me throughout life and have left an impression on me. So what are some things you always find yourself being drawn back to?
Maybe it is certain music or movies? It could be just certain colors that strike your fancy. Whatever it is EXPLORE IT. Really find and feel your way through that like. Maybe you will love it and maybe you end up hating it but at least you tried it.
Which leads you one step closer to finding your true style.

Photo by my good friend Anany.

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