As humans we create every day; relationships, art, music, and so many other wonderful things. Unfortunately, there comes a time where we cease to create – we lose inspiration. Whether your art is creating inventions, businesses, photographs, music, or paintings finding our way back after being in a rut is hard but it is not impossible.

Whether you are in high school, college, or a working adult – we all have that inspiration that makes you feel like you could do anything. It is a feeling of empowerment; like you could walk up to your high school crush and tell them how you really feel.
Yeah – it’s that good of a feeling.
What happens when that feeling dies? Well, that feels like being rejected by your high school crush and then everyone in the school is laughing about it.
So I have created a list of five things you can do to push past those feelings and find passion again.


Write down the projects you’ve done that you love most. Find the lessons, tragedies, triumphs, and love that inspired those projects. This helps remind you that you are talented and gifted. That past creates building blocks for your future.


Get off your phone. Everything that has ever been and will ever be is in front of you – Humans and Nature. Nothing is more inspiring that the people and places surrounding you! In them, you can find vast emotions, beauty, and problems that need answers. “Art imitates life” as they say.


Wonder. Explore. Be Curious. These are the things that make human nature so fascinating.

  • Why do we follow certain patterns such as waking up when the sun rises and sleeping when it falls?
  • Do we have to eat cake after dinner? Who does it really hurt?
  • Is there a better way to a car?
  • Why can’t they understand that I just need them to love me?

Question all of it and take the quest of finding the answers very seriously.


As humans, we always look outwards for the answers to questions. We search YouTube, Google it, and ask our parents – but why not ask yourself. Once we give ourselves the ability to do that we are endless. That ability takes patience and persistence through which some are not willing to forfeit. Most are content to live on the surface and never truly understand the depths of why they do what they do – why they treat their loved ones worse than those they hate or why they can’t find themselves attractive. Let it come to light.


No, I don’t want you to give up forever but why not try something new? Put down your main way of communicating your art. Try another outlet. Trade your paintbrushes for pencils, yours tinkering for tap dancing, music for modeling; express yourself in a new way. It might just awaken something you never knew was there before.

Photo by my good friend Kelsi