Once a month I will be featuring other humans stories. I think this is important to show that you are not alone in this world and there are others going through the same struggles as you. Please feel free to comment or reach out to them.

College was never something that fueled my fire.  That’s why nine months ago I dropped out – after three years.

I was attending a major university that wanted me to continue for another 3 years to get a Bachelors in Advertising. I realized I was wasting my time – the “knowledge” I was gaining from books were lessons that I had learned much faster from experience.

I had been creating content for big name brands; The Houston Texans, The Early Hours, Red Bull, Ben E. Keith Foods, Urban Outfitters, Reason Clothing, Bangs Shoes and Favorite Little Corner.

Then I was shooting major events; Free Press Summer Fest, Houston Whatever Fest, Day For Night, Foam Wonderland, JMBLYA, Euphoria.

It took me awhile to realize this is the life I wanted. Not the conventional one you get from sitting in a classroom. My drive came from creating content, it was something I loved to do and was my way of expressing my value and potential. So I decided to pursue the life I wanted.

It wasn’t easy though.

One thing that was incredibly hard was making connections. I am an introvert so I forced myself every single day to take that extra step toward success. Dealing with depression and anxiety on a daily basis is not something you get better from. There are no “Get Well” cards for those moments.

Unfortunately, a month after being out of school my depression really took me. My confidence was non-existent and I stopped posting on my Instagram for a long time. I had suicidal thoughts cross my mind more and more. I thought “am I even good enough?” and “why can’t I be @taylorcutfilms or @badboi or @chrisyoder or @rorykramer?”

After 6 months, I finally edited “Day For Night” event footage I had. I mixed it with a Nolan Mac’ track I found on SoundCloud. That edit is what flipped my switch. I began to start thinking more positively. (Weirdly enough, he and I are good friends now.)

In Houston, I started driving for Lyft and Uber which allowed me to reconnect with old clients. But despite my positive attitude I still wasn’t making enough money.

Then the waves of depression hit again.

It was mostly because I really wanted to leave Houston and be in Austin. Once again I decided to pursue what I really wanted and moved to Austin, TX. I knew I could make really good money doing Uber and Lyft and be in a city that I love.

Currently, I am living in Austin but it hasn’t been a fairytale ending. To be quite honest, it’s been the hardest part of my life to date. There are so many opportunities around me but it just takes consistency and meeting the right people. I’ve gotten jobs from people I’ve driven around, I even work for a company that lets me take photos for local business’. I am handed multiple business cards daily, but you don’t just attain all you ever wanted overnight.

What I am learning right now is to accept that process – learning to love the grind.

I want my creative work to pay the bills, I decided that the day I dropped out of college. I continue to train my mind by listening to creatives who have come before me, the ones who were once where I am now.

The grocery list of Instagram accounts I listed are people who have busted their ass in this industry. Life favors no one – especially in my line of work. It takes hard work and sleepless nights to reach a higher power.

I will continue to walk my path and strive for the greatness I know lies within me.