Check out my friend” articles are going to be a staple on my blog. I won’t post about someone who I don’t have a true story to tell about our friendship. These are the creme de la creme of best friends.
The idea of this series is to not only showcase the amazing people in my life but to dig a little deeper and have you understand what I am all about.
No without further a due check out my friend Miley.


About a year ago today I met Caitlyn Miley. We were actually at what us sorority girls called a COB event (continuous open bidding) and I had arrived late, but I knew I wanted to talk to her immediately.
The first thing I noticed was her style — she had on Doc Martins and these bad ass glasses which may I note were actual prescription (it’s important, okay?)
After that night I was obsessed with Miley.comf miley (2 of 25)

I remember raving about her to all of my sisters about how I just had just got such good vibes from when she would come around.
She had such an interesting and unique backstory as well.
That’s all I needed to start inviting her over any chance I got — I  wanted for her to be my friend.
The funny part? She didn’t like me at first. I admit I was a little pushy back then and I am still working on restraining myself.
It’s this weird thing that I do want to be friends with someone. Forcing my advice, love, and care for them I give them no hopes of retreat. Usually, this method works.
A couple months go by and it worked again. Since then our relationship has only continued to grow.


She is a fireball of pure joy. Friendship is perforcedly when you meet her due to her laid-back demeanor and mellifluous laugh.
comf miley (20 of 25)

Her adventurous spirit, her desire to learn every day and intense loyalty she feels for those she loves are just a few characteristics that make up my 5’1″ best friend.
She constantly pushes me to grow and gives me new things to work on every day. Knowing that she only wants the best for me I know I can trust her with anything.
Though she is a hard nut to crack, once she opens up to you she gives with no expectation of return.
She values trust and loyalty above all else and practices them every day.
She doesn’t realize how wonderful of a human she is but hopefully, this will blog post will be a constant reminder of how truly special she is to at least one person; me.