Learn to be a loser, a good one. Be the loser that can bounce back faster than anyone else; let me tell you why.

When we fail when instantly become emotional. Anger, sadness, + stress are the first emotions to come to mind. Well, I think we can all agree that those emotions are harmful to our mind. They not only cause us to feel bad about ourselves but they cloud our judgment.

 “The difference between successful people and others is how long they spend time feeling sorry for themselves.”
– Barbara Corcoran

That mindset of self-criticism and judgment has got to lighten up a little. Take a thoughtful and intentional approach to failure.

Yes, there is still going to be that first moment. The one where your eyes get wide, your stomach drops and you make that weird breathing-in noise that starts at the back of your throat.

The next moment though determines how successful you will be. You have to think “where is the opportunity?” How do you take that failure and turn it into a win?

It could be that the failure is just that – a failure. Even then you have the chance to learn a lesson from it. Think intentionally and push yourself to find something beautiful in the bad.

This website – now talk about failures!  had to learn what hosting, domains, DNS, migrating domains and so much more in order to get this up and running. All I wanted to do was have a pretty website, little did I know pretty comes at a cost (hair pulling and frustration.)

Another example for you…

As some of my readers may know, I recently hosted a party – my first party. Sure I had put together sorority mixers before but this WAS NOT a sorority mixer. This was a 150 person event in a huge venue with a DJ, swag bags, entertainment, and a long list of other details I won’t groan on about.

To say the least, a lot of stuff did not go the way I thought. The bar got shut down, the invite list got twisted, and my laptop died mid-party (which was being used for lights.) But you know what?

I learned so much.

If there is one thing I love – it’s learning. So, therefore, I love to fail. In every failure, there is a lesson. The thing is my goal was not to throw a rager my objective was that Tim, Jeanine, and Brittany had a great time. I did that.

The woman I quoted before is a businesswoman, investor, speaker, consultant, syndicated columnist, author, and television personality. You might know her as one the “Shark” investors on ABC’s Shark Tank.

I highly suggest you go listen to her Ted talk over failure if you want to be any kind of success in life.

The people who learn to look at losing as lucky are the lucky ones. Because once you do that the work doesn’t become work and hardest part is figuring out how to lose next. But that my friends is a blog post for another time.

Remember you are all Jewels.