There are three core values you need to use in order to create long-term and fulfilling success.




We have to be willing to learn. Learning is so detrimental to creating success. When we’re learning we get excited and crave opportunities to practice all of the new things we learn. This creates a feeling of fulfillment and a lust for life.

If you were never learning anything new we’re not going to be inspired to create. Which leads to unhealthy illness like depression. We’re not meant to remain the same. If you haven’t tried something new in a while push your boundaries. Even if it results in something you absolutely hate you might learn something from it you can apply to your old process.

Learning doesn’t have to be boring either. Research something you like in a medium you can digest. Youtube videos are always great resources and if you don’t like that then try a book (or a podcast!)

The next core value is listening. This teaches us about people; what personalities people have and why they do what they do. When we start to listen to what others have to say and close our own mouths we begin to realize how people interact with each other and in turn, learn how to act ourselves. Knowing social cues and being able to communicate effectively with others is so key to creating leadership qualities.

Just from listening, we can learn to empathize, observe, understand and even how to negotiate in situations. When we sacrifice our voice to hear other we gain something far more valuable – respect.

If we’re constantly talking over others we have no idea what their needs are and what gives them a sense of fulfillment. Notice there are people who only talk and never listen, how can you understand the needs of others or ( in a business sense) clients if you’re always the one talking?

After you learn and listen, all there is left is to repeat. You must continue to repeat what you’ve learned in order to remember. You must be consistent in listening to create a reputation for empathy and wisdom. Recognize that if you are always defending yourself against others critiques of what comes out of your mouth then you might want to practice consistent listening.

Using these three core values in unison will only create successful habits that not only ourselves recognize but everyone around us.

Stay Social,