People tell me all the time that they hate going out and talking to new people and that they wish they could be more outgoing. This directly affects their friendships (or lack thereof.) Or you might be the person who asks why you even need friends, maybe you would rather be left alone. Well, having good friends have been found to lower stress levels, decrease blood pressure, and reduce the risk of depression – and that is just a few benefits (psttttt check here for more.) So while you might not need friends it certainly makes life more enjoyable. Below I have provided three ways to make new friends without being totally out of your comfort zone.


This is important because in order to find REAL friends you should identify with them and want to do things together. Personally, I have found myself in bad friendships not because they were bad people but rather we became friends because of circumstance. Things like going to the same school, being in the same class, or being in the same organization. Your friends should be people you personally identify with and that you can have a good time talking with.
So what do you like? Is your thing rock climbing? Maybe, you’re into something that makes it a little harder to find friends – like makeup? Keep reading to find out how to find you’re friends.


If you are into books, join a book club. Do you like video games? There are tons of video games contests that you can just attend if you don’t play. Maybe you’re into makeup? Every major city has a beauty con and if you don’t live near a city? Check out beauty bloggers and aspiring vloggers! Connect with people over social media!
We live in such an interconnected world that no matter what you don’t have to be alone! You just have to take the first step because I promise you that there are people just like you who might need a good friend too!


So maybe you don’t ever want to leave your home and you don’t get along with people in the outside world, no problem. There are plenty of pen pal programs.
Pen pals can be from all over the world or even just a few hours away. You can send letters, skype, or facetime! This is a great option for someone who might be on the road all the time or the person who lives in the middle of nowhere. You might just not connect with the people in your small town but you don’t have to be alone inside of it.
Take your pen pal on a tour of your city, who cares if people stare? You would be your new best friend! Netflix and chill? Totally do-able and there is no pressure since they are on the other side of a screen! Check out the sites linked below to connect to your pen pal today!
InterPals has been around since 1998 and has been connecting people from all over the world via the internet.
SnailMailPenPals keeps it old school by letting you sign up and set your preferences to search for your perfect pen pal!
There are plenty of ways to make new friends and if you use these tips and tricks you can make them that much faster and easier! Don’t be afraid to say hi to someone new, people may surprise you!