Growing up is hard. I mean really hard. You have to stop giving into impulses like buying clothes or food whenever you want. (Unless you win the lottery obviously.) Then you have to start doing things you don’t even like – like paying bills! (ew) In order to get rid of those old habits, we need to make some new rules for ourselves like Dua Lipa. Then we can learn to love our selves as much as Ed Sheeran loves that girl in “Perfect.”

Giving up your old bad habit lifestyle isn’t easy but it is possible.
How do you exactly stop giving into your wants and start paying attention to your needs?
This is kinda like starting a new diet and sticking with it. You crave those old foods and hate waking up to go work out, but you know it is good for you. Most people fail though. Most people don’t really want it to work out or tell themselves they aren’t made that way.
The thing is that you are made to thrive. The problem is we like eating fatty foods and buying new things – It fills those little moments of boredom that frequently fill up our lives. 
While I can’t offer you a 7 step solution on how to reign in your wild lifestyle I can attempt to give you the foundation to start.
I honestly believe that a bad lifestyle of partying, drinking, and over-consumption are developed from our own mindsets, environments, and desires. That means in order to take control of our lives we need to identify what these three factors are in our own lives and how they are affecting us.


When I began my journey of taking control of my life I knew I needed to figure out why I wasn’t happy. I kept doing the usual things like drinking and hanging out with friends but it wasn’t giving me that satisfaction it did when I was a college freshman.
I was bored at parties and felt gross and tired the next day.
That was my first true moment of realization that I wasn’t living a good lifestyle. I wanted to feel fulfilled and proud of the things I was doing – not practicing a balancing act of how many hours of sleep do I need to function.
That is when I started reading books like “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and listening to youtubers like Lisa Nicholes. The way my brain was wired had been so wrong. I thought I could party and still be on top. Now I live my life by this quote…

“You will never influence the world trying to be like it.”

My mindset changed.
When my mindset changed I started noticing things in my life that were holding me back. Drinking on weekday nights, where I was spending my time, and more than that the people I was devoting my time too.


I love my friends dearly and they are very important to me but I realized that they weren’t always best for me. Slowly I stopped hanging out as much and started relying on myself more for joy and love.
My scene changed from being at a frat house all the time to focusing on my work and creating this blog.
This was one of the hardest times for me. I am a very social creature, dependent on communication, but because my mindset had changed I was ready for my environment to change as well.
Eventually, I found ways to keep in contact with my friends and love them with the same ferocity as before. I know my true friends are proud of me and are happy that I made this change in my own life.
That is when my desires changed.


I had this new desire to show all my friends and family how successful I could be. To really make something out of my self. I was motivated and practicing the right habits and now I desired to keep doing them.
I desire to be successful so my mom never has to work a day in her life. I desire to be a genuine and loving person with ample free time so I can take my friends to fancy brunches. I desire to be so good at my job that people seek me out.
These desires were all part of me before but were masked by my contentment and refusal to change my mindset and environment. You can want something all day long but there is no shortcut to getting there. You have to level up.

Thank you so much for reading this blog post today. I am really excited for the future and I am going to be posting more frequently on here with blog posts and *drumroll* PODCASTS. These podcasts are going to be posted weekly and will be talking about the top things in social, political, and tech news.
Thank you all for your love and support,
Jewels Clark