This post is all about you.

When you wake up in the morning and go to your mirror are you happy with who you see? I am talking about the physical and interpersonal attributes that make up who you are. Below are daily habits that can help you love who you see in the mirror.

Stay Grateful

Look at what you have in your life and start to appreciate it. It doesn’t have to be anything grand like a car or money, think simple. My friends are something I constantly give thanks for. They support me are loyal and tell me when I could be better or do something better. Maybe you are grateful for a life lesson you just learned or moving on from something that wasn’t good for you.

Be Optimistic

This one might be harder for some than others. Personally, I have a quick rebound time (sorry basketball lingo.) That basically means that when something bad happens I immediately look for a solution or a lesson. Nothing can be bad forever unless you let it be. And if you are the devil’s advocate right now saying “well what about when the worst things happen?” Well, in my opinion, you can learn a lesson from everything.

Look For the Lesson

Bad things happen to everyone and sometimes it seems as though they happen to the best of us. Whether this is true or not, I can say with confidence that the best of us look for the lesson in every tragedy (Check out my vlog about Turning Failure into Success.)

Create Your Own Affirmations

When you wake up and look in the mirror what are you telling yourself? I have some friends who wake up and instantly criticize themselves saying “look at the bags under my eyes” and “ugh, I do not want to go to work today.” These kinds of phrases only start your day with negativity, remember we are optimistic, and will only put negative energy into your day. Instead come up with some positives about the day like “I can’t wait to see my co-worker today, they always make me smile” or try “I love my bed hed in the mornings, it always looks crazy!” These might not work for you but something will go check out these positive affirmations.


Smiling is proven to have multiple physiological benefits. If you can’t force yourself to put that smile on your face then let it come naturally. Visit that cute cashier this morning before you head off to work or maybe this cute photo of a puppy could help you out.
That is all folks! Five ways to keep you happy with who see in the mirror every day and remember if you need someone to hold you accountable, advice, or you might just want to talk I am always here for ya’ll!
Best Regards,
Jewels Clark