Are you feeling stressed out, lonely or a combination of them both? I can relate.
Two years ago I felt like I didn’t have anything or anyone. Luckily for me, I found my best friend in front of a Walmart.
She was the most precious little puppy I had ever seen and in all honesty, I believe she saved my life that day and every day after.
But there are some things that I wish I had known about pet ownership before I jumped right in. If you’re thinking about getting a furry, or scaly we don’t discriminate here,  soul mate just takes a look at what it all entails (haha pun intended.)


There are a lot of things you should know before finding your perfect pet. The first thing you should consider before diving into ownership is if you can financially afford it.
Owning a pet isn’t cheap; food, toys, collars and so much more are only some of the costs that are included. A puppy pack, excuse me I don’t know that general term for all pets, at the vet is MANDATORY if you are going to be taking care of your new little baby. That alone is going to cost you at least $60.
So make sure you are ready for some upfront costs.


Time is a big factor.
If you’re hell-bent on getting a puppy then you had better prepare to spend most of the day with him/her. Puppies need a regular schedule so they can learn potty training and other commands as well.
If you adopt an older dog from the pound you are still going to have to be prepared to spend lots of time because most of the time those dogs have abandonment issues.
I have been through both of these cases and one wasn’t easier than the other. Both require a lot of hard work and love.


This step is very important because the type of breed you get can affect how much energy and time spent caring for your pet.
My first dog was a little Schnauzer – Weiner dog mix and was absolutely the cutest puppy in the world but dear lord was she a lot. The most energy I have ever seen a dog have. So when I would come home after a long day wanting to relax, she always wanted to play.
Just make sure you put some thought and consideration into the breed before buying.
This might seem like a lot to take in, but this is only a part of it. The better parts are all the happy memories you will make with your pet! All the love you feel when you come home and they are there to meet you at the door; there is no better feeling in the world.
At least for me, there isn’t. I love being a dog mom.