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Fight Your Funk 

It’s a regular day but something is up, well to be more accurate you’re feeling down. That familiar funk has come back to bite you in the butt. Whether it came from a Monday, rainy day or that one particular person who always is pushing your buttons we’re in this together. I have collected some research on how to “Fight Your Funk.” 

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Get Some New Rules (Like Dua Lipa) & Be Perfect (Like Ed Sheeran) 

Growing up is hard. I mean really hard. You have to stop giving into impulses like buying clothes or food whenever you want. (Unless you win the lottery obviously.) Then you have to start doing things you don’t even like – like paying bills! (ew) In order to get rid of those old habits, we need to make some new rules for ourselves like Dua Lipa. Then we can learn to love our selves as much as Ed Sheeran loves that girl in “Perfect.”

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Taking Time To Discover Who You Are 

You need to take time for yourself and I am not talking about the “Treat Yo Self” trend. I am talking about sitting down and learning a new skill or picking up an old one and practicing it. We have become so stuck in a routine of working, eating, and sleeping, that when we have extra time we fill it with bad habits like drinking, smoking, and napping. This post is about finding that extra time, using it wisely, and learning more about yourself. 

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Morning Routine 

I made a conscious decision to improve my life and this is how I started. A morning routine will jump-start your day and help you be more successful and social. I’m going to share why this is important and guide you through what I do every morning.

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Being Happy With Who is in the Mirror 

This post is all about you.
When you wake up in the morning and go to your mirror are you happy with who you see? I am talking about the physical and interpersonal attributes that make up who you are. Below are daily habits that can help you love who you see in the mirror.

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How to Make New Friends 

People tell me all the time that they hate going out and talking to new people and that they wish they could be more outgoing. This directly affects their friendships (or lack thereof.) Well I am here to help you to be more social!